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A Free Printable Tag, to hug your yarny gifts

So, it's that time of year again! Lots of ends to weave in and plenty of handmade items to wrap. This year, I've decided to create this special tag, to add even a little more awesomeness to our handmade gifts. If you need to edit the back of the tags (to add special care instructions, for instance), simply edit the file. If you only need to print and wrap yummy wool, download the PDF file. Enjoy wrapping squishy, soft presents!

Free Printable Tag - PDF version

Super quick poncho (and another Drops pattern)

One Christmas project down. This particular one was easy-breazy. It's a cozy cape/poncho, in crochet, for Little A.'s great-grandmother. It's a Drops Garnstudio free pattern, but an easy one!
I used 5 skeins (for the XL/XXL size) of Ice Yarns' Bolivia Worsted, which I bought for $0.40 a skein! So total cost for project was $2. And the photo doesn't do the yarn any justice!

It's  a wonderful pattern, with great and quick results. Get it for free here.

Um projecto de Natal feito. Este foi especialmente fácil e sem espinhas. É uma capa/poncho confortável, em crochet para a bisavó da Little A. É um modelo gratuito da Drops, mas é fácil, juro. Usei 5 novelos (para o tamanho XL/XXL) de Bolivia Worsted, que comprei por 35 cêntimos o novelo. Portanto, o custo total do projecto foi menos de 2 euros. E a foto não faz justiça ao fio!

É um modelo agradável, com resultados bonitos e rápidos. Disponível, gratuitamente e em português, aqui.

Nola's slipper pattern - Tradução para Português

This is the Portuguese translation for the Nola's Slipper Pattern, available here. This is not my pattern.

Esta é a tradução para português das Pantufas da Nola, disponível em inglês e gratuitamente aqui. Este modelo não é meu, sendo que sou apenas responsável pela tradução do mesmo.

Pantufas da Nola Materiais - 200 gr de fio para agulhas 5/5.5 (worsted);
- Agulhas de 5.5 mm, circulares para facilitar o trabalho de apanhar as malhas para a sola.

Amostra: 12 pontos = 10 cm em ponto mousse, com o fio dobrado.

Punho: - Com o fio dobrado (ou seja, trabalhando com dois fios do mesmo novelo), montar 39 malhas. 
- 1.ª Carreira (direito): *1 meia, 1 liga* repetir até à última malha, 1 meia;
- 2.ª Carreira (avesso): *1 liga, 1 meia* repetir até à última malha, 1 liga.
- Continuar em canelado 1/1 cerca de 15 centímetros (28 carreiras).

Parte de Cima do Pé (Língua): -  Trabalha-se nas 13 malhas do centro, deixando os outros pontos nas agulhas;
- 1.ª Carreira: Com o avesso virado para si, 26 e…

Little Red Riding "Yoked"

Following a very specific request by Little Anarchist ("I need a red cardigan"), I decided to have a go at this "classic". The pattern is "Yoked", by Hannah Fettig, available for purchase here. Yes, it's a paid pattern (and not a cheap one, in fact), but it is flawless, e.g. it includes all the things a paid pattern should include: multiple sizes (from baby to adult), careful and detailed instructions, correct stitch counts... So, it's more of an investment than a paid pattern; I'm sure I'll be coming back to it eventually.
As for the cardigan per se, I do wish I had used non-acrylic yarn, since I think you would have looked a lot nicer. I used 1.5 skeins of Valeria de Roma's Delfos, in tomato red and, to be quite frank, I was not pleased with the result immediately after casting off. After some tender-love-and-care (as in "blocking" - and yes, you can and should block acrylic), however, it did turn out quite nice. And, obviou…

FO - Baby dungarees

Frigging baby knits that always look so cute... I dare you to look at these dungarees without going "awww". It's humanly impossible. How about those bees? :-)
Bolas lá para as peças de bebé, que ficam sempre tão giras. Desafio-vos a olhar para este macacão sem suspirar. É humanamente impossível. E aquelas abelhas? :)

Pattern/modelo: On the Go-veralls.
Yarn/fio: BMG Affinitas Allegro
Size/Tamanho: 0-6

Omne Trium Perfectum or Good blankets come in threes

Every stitch I make is made out of love, from my heart. I guess ultimately my knitting and crochet is one of my ways of spreading love and kindness through the world. So it's with a very big smile on my face that I'm sending these to Knit for Peace, who's been collecting blankets to send to refugee camps in Kurdistan. They are all baby blankets (30 inches x 30 inches), colourful, soft and cuddly.

Cada ponto que faço é feito com amor, vem do coração. Acho que o meu tricot e o crochet acabam por ser um dos meus métodos de espalhar amor e bondade pelo mundo. Portanto, é com um grande sorriso que envio estas mantas à Knit for Peace, que tem estado a reunir mantas para os campos de refugiados no Curdistão. São todas mantas de bebé (cerca de 65 x 65 centímetros), coloridas, suaves e aconchegantes.

Pattern: No pattern, really. It's just four 12' granny squares, put together with a zig zag stich and then 4 rows around the entire blanket. Easy edge pattern from here.
Yarn: …

An Ode to Fall (and to pretty yarn)

This little number was actually completed last year, but, for reasons only an anarchist mind knows (or forgets), it was only worn for the first time yesterday. And it's adorable beyond words. And the colours, oh, the colours (even prettier than the original model, I dare say)... Rico Design Superba Bamboo speaks for itself and it's quite eloquent. 
The pattern is another Drops pattern (yes, yes, I'm probably mad). Tilda is a light bolero designed for children, calling for fingering yarn and a 2.75mm hook (I used a 3.5mm hook, with no significant difference in gauge). The pattern is - gasp - admirably simple and straightforward, but the motifs (the little squares around the bolero - 20 for this size) are crocheted separatedly and sown ONE BY ONE. SO MANY ENDS TO WEAVE IN! But this is, pretty much, the only thing to say about the pattern and the effort really pays off. 
Even Little A. (widely known for her recent allergy to anything crochet-related) miraculously loved it! Happ…

Hang on to your hat(s)!

A while back, I was asked to make 3 little beanies for a little cousin, who will be making her world debut in October. And, frankly, it was one of the hardest things ever. THERE ARE SO. MANY. PATTERNS. SO. MANY. I spent, at least, an entire month completely overwhelmed in patterns (or maybe I just had a really great excuse to binge-browse patterns).

In the end, these were my choices (all free):

Pattern: Eyelet Baby Hat, by Marianna's Lazy Days. Available here.
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Superwash.
Absolutely gorgeous and super easy pattern. It took me approximately 2 hours to complete (including seaming).


Pattern: Sourball Bonnet, by Larissa Brown. Available here (Ravelry link).
Yarn: BMG Affinitas Miltons, in dusky pink. A good-old Portuguese acrylic yarn, able to withstand a beating and get away unbruised.
First time knitting this sort of "headgear" and knitting lace. A little bit of extra work, but it is cuuuuutttteee. I mean, it's a bonnet with a polka do…

Baby Surprise Jacket - Take 2

I think every knitter out there is secretly amazed and scared of Elizabeth Zimmermann's talent. I mean, who on earth would think of turning a dysmorphic piece of knitted fabric into a jacket? The first time I knitted BSJ, I didn't understand the "thing" until the very end. But again, the first time I knitted BSJ, I decided to use DK yarn PLUS fingering yarn, which resulted in this huge, heavy, heavy-duty jacket wieghing almost as much as Little A. [hide face in shame]... But, fast forward to a few months later, with a little more knitting experience under my belt, I think I've finally mastered the "thing"!
I used 1 skein of Ice Yarn's Baby Model (listed as DK, but actually sport weight) and 3.5 mm needles. It didn't turn out a newborn size; it's more like a 6-12 months size. I like it very much, although I do think the yarn is a bit "too busy". It was also the first time I did an i-cord bind-off and I am in love with the technique…

I survived a Drops Pattern!

And finally a new blog post! The last one feels (and was) ages ago! Work, as always, has been seriously interfering with my crafting. Harumph... But, alas, an Anarchist has to work, no matter how desperately she (often) only wants to crochet...
And now, my great achievement: I followed a Drops pattern to the T and survived! In all fairness, the pattern IS pretty straightforward and easy, but Drops Design people are notoriously famous for their often-labyrinthic-and-criptic patterns. The Circles of Love, however, is easy and helpful, providing wonderful tips for the assembly process, with an end result that is lacy, light and quite stunning.
I had to use a different yarn, from a different brand, because it seems impossible to Fabel here in Portugal. So, I went on and dove right into my stash and found Ice Yarn's Baby Model, a nice self-striping yarn (1.5 skeins), and Ice Yarn's Super Baby, a solid and realible basic yarn, albeit a bit plasticky (2 skeins). Both are marked as be…

Pattern finds of the week - week #24/2015

Oh, the ever-expanding myriad of *free* crochet and knitting patterns that have us browsing the internet for hours on end... This past week, I was found shamefully drooling over these:

Lacy Floral Throw, by Red Heart.
Does this have a vintage feel or what? I'm already considering yarn options, because I MUST. MAKE. THIS! 
Available here.

Pineapple Crochet Top, by Beautiful Crochet Stuff
This is NOT for the faint-hearted, although it's quite an easy pattern once you getpass the lenghty descriptions. I have completed one in a matter of (3) days (just need to weave in those pesky ends) and the result is great! So, if you're feeling adventurous and if you want to put those brain through some serious exercise, check out the pattern here

 Footies, by Quirky Bird Knits
Around here, summer is a synonym for walking around barefoot, which, in turn, should be a synonym for "hobbit-like feet". I guess a great solution would be to knit these in cotton, so they could…

FO - "Spring has sprung" Bolero

Spring had been a complete farse until this past weekend. We still dragged heavy coats around and the generalised mood still was "Oh, no, not crappy rain again". But this weekend, spring has finally sprung and in its full splendour! Yeah! And, as usual, I'd left everything for the last minute: I still hadn't crocheted/knitted a decent springy/summery item for Little A. With that in mind, I made a list of "must-have handmade items" for Little A. for the hot weather ahead:
1 poncho;1 cardigan; 1/2 boleros;3/4 tops/tunics. And the first bolero, in cheerful and green tones, is done! Best of all, I actually managed to follow a Drops pattern and survive! I may have mucked up the mesh section, by not really paying close attention to stitch counts, and I also opted out of the sleeves. But, still, I couldn't be happier with the results. It looks soooooooooo cute! 
Pattern: s24-19 Bolero, by DROPS design
Size: 3-5
Yarn: Ice Yarns Magic Design 
How much: 0.6 skeins (…

2.5 k - A Quick Granny Stripes Crochet Lapghan

After having spent an entire week trying to finish what apparently was a never-ending dress for Litte A. in *navy blue* (the horror!), I needed some instant "craftification". And nothing says fast like a Q/15mm hook and 4 strands of yarn held together, right?

The yarns had all been in my stash for quite some time, staring at me, softly whispering "Please, make something out of me" and you know you should always listen to what your yarn has to say.... Particularly the Sale Luxury Premium one, of which I ordered 16 skeins back in February only to find out that it did not live up to my expectations. "Make a lapghan out of me", it said, and the Anarchist quickly complied, using 12 skeins of the sheep-smelling fussy mess. To the mix, I added 3 skeins of Baby Multicolor and 2 skeins of Diva, all from Ice Yarns. So my stash is 2370 meters lighter! That's almost 2.5 kilometers (2700 yards, give or take)! That's a whole lotta yarn! Not bad, for such a simp…

Milo - The perfect vest pattern

Normally, I don't pay for patterns. Not that I don't recognize the work of designers (I do, believe me I do), but I end up finding a free alternative and stick with that. When I *do* buy patterns, I wish they were all like Milo, by Georgie Hallam. It's beautifully written, covers a great range of sizes for tiny humans and includes all necessary explanations and stitch counts. But, most importantly, the final result is something like this:

I've knitted the 12 month size and it only took 1 skein of Araucania Ranco Sock (yarn held double = perfect gauge). I didn't have to do any mods, but I did forget to decrease during CO (Note to self: read the ALL instructions *before* starting something!)...
Needlesss to say, I'm very, very happy with the result! <3

The pattern may be purchased here:

Normalmente, não tenho por hábito pagar por modelos. Não que não reconheça o trabalho dos designers (acreditem, reconheço e muito)…

Toddlerized Crochet Angel Wings Pinafore

Maxine Grosner's Angel Wings Pinafore is one of my favourite patterns ever (available for free here). It builds up fairly quickly and creates amazing-looking pieces (check out my previous "version"). The only catch is that it's only available in a 0-3 size, so I had to put my thinking hat on to upsize it (Little A. is currently 2,5 years old, but she already wears a 3-4T size).

So, after playing around with some yarn and a hook, I came up with these mods and the pinafore fits her perfectly! :)

150 gr of worsted yarn (using Wool Worsted 50, I spent 3 skeins exactly, so approximately 330 meters/360 yards). 6mm/H hook;3 (cute) buttons (optional).Instructions:

Follow the pattern until the end of row 4.Add an extra row (row 5): dc across.Row 6: continue on according to row 5 of the original pattern.Completed 14 rows of "shells" after row 8 of original pattern (row 9 for this size).  Left out row 18 of the original pattern; instead, I simply single croche…

Getting an Ice Yarns' Coupon Code

I'm a huge sucker for Ice Yarns. It probably has something to do with their novelty yarns and with the shipping that gives you the opportunity of receiving the yarn right at your front door. The yarn itself is also great: good yardage, awesome colours and colour combos, great variety.
I probably place an order every month and I've recently found out that you can, quite easily, get a 10% discount code for your order. To achieve that, you need to have already knitted/crocheted an item with yarn from Ice Yarns and you should also have pictures taken of the item.

So, here's my tutorial for

Getting an Ice Yarns' Coupon Code
1. Go to;

2. Click on "Knitters and Crocheters Gallery":

3. Once you get to the Gallery, please click "Add you knitted item", on the right of the screen, or simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

4. Fill out the form. Include your name and the email address you will use to place the order, since the discount code will o…

Perfect sweater for the little ones!

It's safe to say that I'm a bit obsessed with this particular pattern. This sweater is the sixth I've made so far, but this time I decided to include long sleeves and a button band.

Yarn: The original pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but I decided to use sports weight yarn, maintaining the 3.00mm needles. I think sports weight yarn creates a tighter fabric, as opposed to fingering yarn, which creates a more open, holy fabric (see here). I used Ice Yarns' Baby Multicolor, 3 skeins, for a total of 450 meters (3-4T size).

Sleeves: Instead of BO the stitches for the sleeves, I placed them in some scrap yarn and continued on with the top. When the body was done, I transfered the sleeves stitches to DPNs and picked up 6 extra stitches under the arm. I continued knitting in 2x2 rib for 12 inches before BO.

Button band: With a 3mm crochet hook, I made 16 sc along the left side of the neck opening. On the second row, I did 1 sc, chain 5,  8 sc, chain 5, 7 sc, chain 5. TAD…

Shawl Collar Vest/Shrug

I seem to have surpassed my fear of knitting/crocheting adult clothing. :) It's not so much a fear, but rather a "ooohhh-this-is-taking-so-long" feeling... Well, hyperactive rants aside, I'm proud to show off my first ever knitted adult garment!

The pattern couldn't be another easier (seamless and in-the-round), but becomes quite tedious, due to the ribbing. It's also free and may be found on Ravelry (here). I made my gauge proposedly bigger, so it had more drape to it.

The yarn used was Ice Yarns Etno Alpaca, in grey/white/black, which has this cool thick-and-thin texture that I adore.

And that't it. One awesome vest/shrug thing done!

And yet another baby kimono...

Ok, it's time to admit it: I am completely obsessed with baby/toddler/kid kimonos. Little A. has more kimonos and wraps that she can possibly wear and I promise this is the last one of the season (or maybe not, but we'll get to that when the time comes).

I love this particular pattern by Lion Brand (see here) and although I'm not crazy about seams and knitting flat, the end result is awesome and I've made 3 of them so far, one for each year...As you can see in the picture below, Little A. has what one could call a long record of kimono-wearing:
The first two were actually knitted using Super Bulky yarn (Drops Eskimo and Andes, respectively); this year's edition was actually knitted in bulky yarn (Ice Yarns Peru Alpaca Bulky), which I got on sale directly from Turkey for $0.75 a skein (each pack has 8 skeins). It's a very nice yarn, thick and "reliable", but I particularly like the colours; they remind me of wasps, which are very unpleasant creatures w…