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Christmas 2016

Shawl #1 Pattern (chart here)
Yarn: Sevimex Caricia Rayas 

Shawl #2 Pattern (The Original Half Granny Square/Shawl)
Yarn: Ice Yarns Junior Soft

Shawl #3 Pattern (here)
Yarn: Katia Paint, 56
Pattern (here)
No yarn, because I forgot what I used! :D

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Car Seat Blanket

Pattern/modelo: Cloudberry Blanket, by Mijo Crochet.
Yarn/fio: Paint, by Katia Yarns.

Quick, quick, quick blankie

Pattern/modelo: Under 6 Hours Crochet Throw
Hook/agulha: 15mm/Q
Yarn: 21 skeins of BMG Affinitas Miltons, 7 in blue, 7 in sage, 7 in camel
         21 novelos de BMG Affinitas Miltons, 7 em azul, 7 em salva, 7 em camelo
Total: 2058 m
My Rating/Classificação: ★★★★★