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An Ode to Fall (and to pretty yarn)

This little number was actually completed last year, but, for reasons only an anarchist mind knows (or forgets), it was only worn for the first time yesterday. And it's adorable beyond words. And the colours, oh, the colours (even prettier than the original model, I dare say)... Rico Design Superba Bamboo speaks for itself and it's quite eloquent. 
The pattern is another Drops pattern (yes, yes, I'm probably mad). Tilda is a light bolero designed for children, calling for fingering yarn and a 2.75mm hook (I used a 3.5mm hook, with no significant difference in gauge). The pattern is - gasp - admirably simple and straightforward, but the motifs (the little squares around the bolero - 20 for this size) are crocheted separatedly and sown ONE BY ONE. SO MANY ENDS TO WEAVE IN! But this is, pretty much, the only thing to say about the pattern and the effort really pays off. 
Even Little A. (widely known for her recent allergy to anything crochet-related) miraculously loved it! Happ…