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Crochet Mitts - Free Pattern Roundup

I've said it once and I'll say it again: 'tis the season to crochet mittens! With only 8 days left for Christmas, crochet mittens (with or without fingers) are a sort of Christmas "get-out-of-jail" free card for every crocheter. They usually don't take up a lot of yarn and/or time, they're fairly easy to make and they're a foolproof gift. I've rounded up the cutest, coziest, and warmest mittens for the whole family and created this round-up: 8 free patterns for 8 days until Christmas! Enjoy!

1. Firecracker Gloves, by Ria Saakshi (sizes for women, but easily customizable).

2. Owl mittens, by The Green Dragonfly (sizes for kids, but easily customizable).

3. Mrs Murdoch's Mittens, by Brenda K. B. Anderson (sizes for toddlers, older kids, women, men).

4. OMG, It's Almost Christmas Fingerless Mitts, by The Anarchist Knitter (size for women).

5. Stripy Mitts, by Sandra Paul (medium size, but easily customizable).

6. Adeline Fingerless Mitts with Faux…