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Hang on to your hat(s)!

A while back, I was asked to make 3 little beanies for a little cousin, who will be making her world debut in October. And, frankly, it was one of the hardest things ever. THERE ARE SO. MANY. PATTERNS. SO. MANY. I spent, at least, an entire month completely overwhelmed in patterns (or maybe I just had a really great excuse to binge-browse patterns).

In the end, these were my choices (all free):

Pattern: Eyelet Baby Hat, by Marianna's Lazy Days. Available here.
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Superwash.
Absolutely gorgeous and super easy pattern. It took me approximately 2 hours to complete (including seaming).


Pattern: Sourball Bonnet, by Larissa Brown. Available here (Ravelry link).
Yarn: BMG Affinitas Miltons, in dusky pink. A good-old Portuguese acrylic yarn, able to withstand a beating and get away unbruised.
First time knitting this sort of "headgear" and knitting lace. A little bit of extra work, but it is cuuuuutttteee. I mean, it's a bonnet with a polka do…

Baby Surprise Jacket - Take 2

I think every knitter out there is secretly amazed and scared of Elizabeth Zimmermann's talent. I mean, who on earth would think of turning a dysmorphic piece of knitted fabric into a jacket? The first time I knitted BSJ, I didn't understand the "thing" until the very end. But again, the first time I knitted BSJ, I decided to use DK yarn PLUS fingering yarn, which resulted in this huge, heavy, heavy-duty jacket wieghing almost as much as Little A. [hide face in shame]... But, fast forward to a few months later, with a little more knitting experience under my belt, I think I've finally mastered the "thing"!
I used 1 skein of Ice Yarn's Baby Model (listed as DK, but actually sport weight) and 3.5 mm needles. It didn't turn out a newborn size; it's more like a 6-12 months size. I like it very much, although I do think the yarn is a bit "too busy". It was also the first time I did an i-cord bind-off and I am in love with the technique…

I survived a Drops Pattern!

And finally a new blog post! The last one feels (and was) ages ago! Work, as always, has been seriously interfering with my crafting. Harumph... But, alas, an Anarchist has to work, no matter how desperately she (often) only wants to crochet...
And now, my great achievement: I followed a Drops pattern to the T and survived! In all fairness, the pattern IS pretty straightforward and easy, but Drops Design people are notoriously famous for their often-labyrinthic-and-criptic patterns. The Circles of Love, however, is easy and helpful, providing wonderful tips for the assembly process, with an end result that is lacy, light and quite stunning.
I had to use a different yarn, from a different brand, because it seems impossible to Fabel here in Portugal. So, I went on and dove right into my stash and found Ice Yarn's Baby Model, a nice self-striping yarn (1.5 skeins), and Ice Yarn's Super Baby, a solid and realible basic yarn, albeit a bit plasticky (2 skeins). Both are marked as be…