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Puff.Puff: Easy Crochet Tablet Cozy

Poor tablet, running around naked in a house filled with handmade items. It wasn't fair. It deserved some pretty, especially since it was Little A.'s and Big J.'s birthday present to me. (Also, I needed an excuse to procrastine, to take my mind from the nagging work that has been taking up more time than I like and to crochet a little).
Pobre tablet, a correr pela casa nu e isto numa casa cheio de coisas feitas à mão. Não era justo. Merecia algo bonito, especialmente porque foi o presente que a Little A. e o Big J. me deram nos anos (Também precisava de uma desculpa para procrastinar, para deixar de pensar no trabalho aborrecido que me tem ocupado mais do que aquilo que gostaria e crochetar um pouco).

Puff.Puff: Easy Crochet Tablet Cozy
Finished Measurements: 8.5 in x 6 in (21,5 cm x 15 cm)
To fit a 7' tablet.
You can easily increase the finished size; just make sure that your starting chain is an even number. 

Materials:Sports yarn in 4 colours: 20 gr. for main col…

Easy-as-1-2-3 Toddler Pompom Skirt

Yes, yes, yes, kids (especially ours) are awesome little persons that fill your life with joy while driving you to the brink of madness every single day. But a crocheter/knitter/crafter has a secret reason to love kids: they represent endless opportunities to MAKE something. Later last week, we came to the sudden realization that Little A. had very few skirts (some dresses, but very few - 2 - skirts). In my attempt to raise a gender-neutral human being, I often forget Little A. is a girl. Well, no harm done: it's just yet another opportunity to create! In a matter of hours, the first crochet skirt was created. Hope you also like it (I know I do!).
Sim, sim, sim, as crianças (principalmente as nossas) são pessoas pequeninas fantásticas que nos enchem a vida de alegria ao mesmo tempo que nos levam à loucura todos os dias sem excepção. Mas uma crocheteira/tricoteira/artesã têm uma razão secreta para adorar crianças: representam oportunidades infindáveis para FAZER alguma coisa. No fi…

80's child - Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Baby Legwarmers

Most baby legwarmers are awesome and stupid, all at the same time. Awesome, because they look cute and fluffy and... did I say CUTE already? But they are also stupid. Little legs are, as a rule of thumb, restless little legs, always-kicking little legs, won't-stop-until-I'll-get-rid-of-the-legwarmers little legs. But, for every problem, there's always a solution. I remembered those dreadful stirrup pants people insist on using still today and although the notion of having a strap under the foot to hold the pant legs in place seems utterly nonsensical in adults, it makes perfect sense for babies. So, here is my Free Crochet Pattern for a pair of Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Baby Legwarmers:

80’s child - Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Baby LegwarmersMaterials: (0-12 months) - 25 gr of dk weight yarn, in Colour A (CA); - 25 gr of dk weight yarn, in Colour B (CB); - 4mm/G hook. (12-24 months) - 25 gr of worsted weight yarn, in Colour A (CA); - 25 gr of worsted weight yarn, in Colour B (CB); - 5mm…