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Toddlerized Crochet Angel Wings Pinafore

Maxine Grosner's Angel Wings Pinafore is one of my favourite patterns ever (available for free here). It builds up fairly quickly and creates amazing-looking pieces (check out my previous "version"). The only catch is that it's only available in a 0-3 size, so I had to put my thinking hat on to upsize it (Little A. is currently 2,5 years old, but she already wears a 3-4T size).

So, after playing around with some yarn and a hook, I came up with these mods and the pinafore fits her perfectly! :)

150 gr of worsted yarn (using Wool Worsted 50, I spent 3 skeins exactly, so approximately 330 meters/360 yards). 6mm/H hook;3 (cute) buttons (optional).Instructions:

Follow the pattern until the end of row 4.Add an extra row (row 5): dc across.Row 6: continue on according to row 5 of the original pattern.Completed 14 rows of "shells" after row 8 of original pattern (row 9 for this size).  Left out row 18 of the original pattern; instead, I simply single croche…