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FO - "Spring has sprung" Bolero

Spring had been a complete farse until this past weekend. We still dragged heavy coats around and the generalised mood still was "Oh, no, not crappy rain again". But this weekend, spring has finally sprung and in its full splendour! Yeah! And, as usual, I'd left everything for the last minute: I still hadn't crocheted/knitted a decent springy/summery item for Little A. With that in mind, I made a list of "must-have handmade items" for Little A. for the hot weather ahead:
1 poncho;1 cardigan; 1/2 boleros;3/4 tops/tunics. And the first bolero, in cheerful and green tones, is done! Best of all, I actually managed to follow a Drops pattern and survive! I may have mucked up the mesh section, by not really paying close attention to stitch counts, and I also opted out of the sleeves. But, still, I couldn't be happier with the results. It looks soooooooooo cute! 
Pattern: s24-19 Bolero, by DROPS design
Size: 3-5
Yarn: Ice Yarns Magic Design 
How much: 0.6 skeins (…