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Free pattern - Ribbed Slouchy Hat

So, here's another FREE pattern. This time, for a ribbed slouchy hat. Who isn't absolutely crazy about slouchy hats or berets? And January just screams "I need my head warm"! :)

So, for this particular pattern, you'll need to know the following stitches: ABBREVIATIONS
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet FPdc - front post double crochet sc2tog – 2 single crochets together (decrease)
dc2tog – 2 double crochets together (decrease)
sl st – slip stitch (If you need any help with the FPdc, please check out Crochet Geek's tutorial on YouTube: (Teresa, you rock!)).


Ribbed Slouchy Hat
Yarn: worsted (variegated) yarn/10 ply Hook: 5.5 mm/ I hook Gauge: no idea J (but I guess 3dc = 1 inch)
Start off by chaining 6 and joining into a circle.
Round 1: chain 3 (counts as 1st dc here and throughout), 11 dc into the circle (12 dc).Sl st to join.
Round 2: chain 3, 1 FPdc on the same stitch, *1 dc + 1 FPdc on the next stit…

Baby Kimono - Quimono de Bebé

It was the last work of 2013, already using the yarn I got for Christmas (yes, this Anarchist "celebrates" Christmas as in "let-me-get-a-present-for-you-and-you'll-get-a-present-for-me-and-let's-eat-something-together). It's actually my second take on the pattern (which is the easiest thing in the world, I assure you), because Little A. has already outgrown the first one I made. It's a Lion Brand pattern and you can find it here. I used Drops Garnstudio's Andes yarn (since it calls for Super Bulky yarn), which I purchased at Bolas de Tons, and a 9 mm needle. It took two days to complete (seams and all) and fits her perfectly. So, if you need a super-quick baby project, check it out! Foi o último trabalho de 2013, já com o fio que recebi de prenda de Natal (sim, esta Anarquista "festeja" o Natal no sentido de "deixa-me-comprar-um-presente-para-ti-e-tu-compras-um-presente-para-mim-e-vamos-comer-qualquer-coisa-juntos). É a segunda vez que u…

Sock January so far

Well, this weekend sOcked. Literally. Sock January has been quite prolific and Big J. and Little A. now have scalding feet.

Baby socks Yarns used: Drops Fabel (held double), Drops Karisma, Katia Marathon Kids Needle: 4mm Pattern: see this post here.

Men's socks Yarns used: Kuka Yarns Merino Magic Needle: 4mm Pattern: see this post here. (These were kind of a disappointment. Perfect gauge and yet they are pretty baggy...)
In the meantime, I've bought the Getting Started Knitting Socks ebook, from Interweave, and I'm using those patterns. The book provides clear instructions and is definitely a must-have for knitters who love handmade socks.
The only real problem now is that I have a list of sock-related requests long enough to travel to the Moon and back and it's about time that I MAKE SOMETHING - S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G - for myself!

Sock January - Janeiro em meias - Free Patterns

I haven't published anything for a while, but that doesn't mean that I have been working and quite efficiently, I might add. I've declared this new month of January as the official month of socks! Soft, warm, easy knitted socks. However, I must confess that I don't have the time nor the patience to work with small gauges, yarns or needles. So, when choosing a sock pattern, I personally need to consider two things: how quickly can they be finished and what type of yarn can be used. I tend to opt for a gauge no smaller than 5 st/in and, having these two conditions in mind, I've come across some cool patterns that I would like to share with you. Não publico nada há já algum tempo, mas isso não quer dizer que não tenha andado a trabalho e de forma muito eficiente, devo acrescentar. Decidi declarar este novo mês de Janeiro como o mês oficial das meias! Meias em tricot macias, quentes e fáceis. No entanto, tenho de confessar que não tenho nem tempo nem paciência para tra…