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Shawl Collar Vest/Shrug

I seem to have surpassed my fear of knitting/crocheting adult clothing. :) It's not so much a fear, but rather a "ooohhh-this-is-taking-so-long" feeling... Well, hyperactive rants aside, I'm proud to show off my first ever knitted adult garment!

The pattern couldn't be another easier (seamless and in-the-round), but becomes quite tedious, due to the ribbing. It's also free and may be found on Ravelry (here). I made my gauge proposedly bigger, so it had more drape to it.

The yarn used was Ice Yarns Etno Alpaca, in grey/white/black, which has this cool thick-and-thin texture that I adore.

And that't it. One awesome vest/shrug thing done!

And yet another baby kimono...

Ok, it's time to admit it: I am completely obsessed with baby/toddler/kid kimonos. Little A. has more kimonos and wraps that she can possibly wear and I promise this is the last one of the season (or maybe not, but we'll get to that when the time comes).

I love this particular pattern by Lion Brand (see here) and although I'm not crazy about seams and knitting flat, the end result is awesome and I've made 3 of them so far, one for each year...As you can see in the picture below, Little A. has what one could call a long record of kimono-wearing:
The first two were actually knitted using Super Bulky yarn (Drops Eskimo and Andes, respectively); this year's edition was actually knitted in bulky yarn (Ice Yarns Peru Alpaca Bulky), which I got on sale directly from Turkey for $0.75 a skein (each pack has 8 skeins). It's a very nice yarn, thick and "reliable", but I particularly like the colours; they remind me of wasps, which are very unpleasant creatures w…

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Leggings (February)

This is my take on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Leggings (February). With a few mods, I managed to get the perfect 2T size! :) Made them last year and they still fit this year, YAY!

Please note that this is not my original pattern. This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's pattern, found in Knitter's Almanacand The Opinionated Knitter (links to If you like knitting, please, please read her books and try her patterns! You will be a very happy knitter! :) 

My notes on the pattern:
The leggings are the perfect size for a 2 year-old.

Sport yarn held double; light worsted for ribbing.

4.5 st/inch

Casted 88 stitches, based on another pattern;Only did 12 rows, instead of 24;Regarding the increases, I only did 8 increase rows, for a total of stitch count of 124.Knit straight for 3 rows;5 stitches on the front and 5 stitches on the back;55 stitches for each leg;Decreased every 4th round until 31 st remained;Knit 2 additional rows - 50 rows. On the last round, dec…

Hat-a-Neckwarmer - Modelo Gratuito de Tricot

É um gorro! É uma gola! É uma fita para o cabelo! É um pouco de tudo e o melhor de ambos os mundos! Já agora, precisamos mesmo de encontrar uma nova palavra para este tipo de gola/gorro convertível. Qual será? Gorrola? Golapéu?
Bem, deambulações linguísticas à parte, voltemos ao tópico de hoje. É o melhor presente em tricot (fiz tantos este Natal que lhes perdi a conta), já que é facilmente adaptável às nossas necessidades/desejos e irá mudar de função apenas apertando ou soltando o cordão. O tecido "elástico", criado pelo canelado 3x2, significa que um único modelo cria uma gola/gorro que serve a crianças, adolescentes, mulheres e homens! O que mais pode uma tricotadeira pedir, certo? É confortável, conversível e cool!

Circunferênciade 48 cm (sem esticar), 25/30 cm de altura.

75 gr (150 metros) de fio dk/worsted leve, agulhas de 4, 4.5;Agulhas de 4.5;Para o cordão: agulhas de duas pontas de 4.5 ou boneca de tricotar ou agulha em crochet de 4.5 (darei…

Hat-a-Neckwarmer - Free Knitting Pattern

It's a hat! It's a neckwarmer! It's a cowl! It's a headband! It's something in between and the best of both worlds! By the way, we definitely need to have a new word for this type of convertible cowl/hat. What shall it be? Hatowl? Cowat?

Well, linguistic shenanigans aside, back to today's topic. It's the ultimate knitting gift (I've made so many I actually lost count this Xmas), since it was designed to adapt to your needs/desire and this hat/neckwarmer will change function only by loosening or tightening the cord. The stretchy fabric created by the 3x2 ribbing means that pattern will produce a hat/cowl that will fit children, teens, women and men alike. What more can a knitter ask, right? It's cozy, convertible, and cool! Enjoy!

Hat-a-Neckwarmer - Free Knitting Pattern for Convertible CowlFinished measurementsCircumference of 48cm/19 inches (unstretched), 25cm/10 inches tall.

Materials: 75 gr. (app. 164 yards/150 meters) of any light worsted/dk yarn (s…

Top Blogger at FaveCrafts in 2014!

2014 was an awesome year. It was the first true year of the Anarchist as a blog and I couldn't be happier with the "results". The blog had thousands of visitors and pageviews and I also got tons of messages thank me for my designs - which kind of was the best part of it all! So, it's very nice to end/begin the year by being "nominated" a Top Blogger for Apparently, my project, Granny, Meet the Stripes, which is called The Only Crocheted Granny Square You'll Ever Need on their website, was one of the most popular craft tutorials on FaveCrafts in 2014.

This means I won this awesome badge, which I can now proudly rock here! YAY!