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First Sweater of 2016!

It may be a brand new year, but old habits seem to die hard... So, here is the first sweater of 2016! Made from yarn I got as a Xmas gift (thanks, Big J!), it was part of my party plans for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
The pattern is Bonny Baby, from Yarn Madness (do take time to check out her place and awesome work). It's not a free pattern, but it satisfied my recently discovered obsession with garter stitch panels and it also includes several other children's sizes. It has clear and precise instructions and all the stitch counts you need. 
The yarn is a self-striping one called Allegro, from a well-known Portuguese brand (BMG Affinitas). I used 2 skeins (360 meters) and had literally NOTHING left at the end. Not even a small end! My only mod was not having knit the sleeves in the round, cause I couldn't be bothered to use the magic circle. So I ended up knitting them flat and using some mattress stitch (flawless seams, btw).
So, here it is, the first sweater …