Hat-a-Neckwarmer - Free Knitting Pattern

It's a hat! It's a neckwarmer! It's a cowl! It's a headband! It's something in between and the best of both worlds! By the way, we definitely need to have a new word for this type of convertible cowl/hat. What shall it be? Hatowl? Cowat?

Well, linguistic shenanigans aside, back to today's topic. It's the ultimate knitting gift (I've made so many I actually lost count this Xmas), since it was designed to adapt to your needs/desire and this hat/neckwarmer will change function only by loosening or tightening the cord. The stretchy fabric created by the 3x2 ribbing means that pattern will produce a hat/cowl that will fit children, teens, women and men alike. What more can a knitter ask, right? It's cozy, convertible, and cool! Enjoy!

Hat-a-Neckwarmer - Free Knitting Pattern for Convertible Cowl

Finished measurements

Circumference of 48cm/19 inches (unstretched), 25cm/10 inches tall.


  • 75 gr. (app. 164 yards/150 meters) of any light worsted/dk yarn (shown above in Magic Design, by Ice Yarns, and Drops Garnstudio Lima. Other options include Lion Brand's Baby Solids and Vanna Sequins, for instance, Noro Silk Garden Light, Malabrigo Silky Merino and so on and so on);
  • 4.5 mm/US 7 knitting needles;
  • For i-cord: 4.5mm/US 7 DPNs or spool for French knitting or 4.5mm crochet hook (I will provide instructions for each method);
  • Stitch marker (if knitting in the round);
  • Darning needle. 


Ribbing is absolutely terrible for measuring gauge (but, it's also VERY forgiving). That being said, gauge is 16 stitches = 4 inches in unstretched ribbing.

Pattern for knitting in the round: 

  • CO 95 sts, join in the round being careful not to twist, place marker at beginning of round.  
  • Work in K3, P2 ribbing for 8 (10 for men) inches.
  • Eyelet row: *K3, YO, p2tog*, continue until end of round;
  • Work in K3, P2 ribbing for 2 inches.
  • BO in pattern loosely. 

Pattern for knitting flat: 

  • CO 95 sts.
  • RS: *K3, P2*;
  • WS: *K2, P3*.
  • Continue repeating these two rows until piece measures 8 inches.
  • Eyelet row: *K3, YO, p2tog*, continue until end of round;
  • WS: *K2, P3*.
  • Work in K3, P2 ribbing for 2 inches.
  • BO in pattern loosely. Sew seam.

Making an I-cord:
  • Knitting: Using 4.5mm DPNs, work a 3-stitch I-cord for 30'/75cm; thread through eyelet row and knot at each end. If you need further help, The Purl Bee has an awesome tutorial that may be found here.
  • Crochet: Using a 4.5mm hook, chain a 30'/75cm chain, skip one chain, slip stitch in every st until you're back in the beginning (you have any doubts, let me know).
  • French knitting: technically, you'll be making a braid if you're using this method, but, for me, it's the one that produces the best results. If you're not sure on how to use this technique, watch this cool tutorial.
  • After you finish, threat cord through eyelet row! 
And that's it. One cool-looking hat-neckwarmer-cowl-thingy!

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The Portuguese version may be found here!

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