Saturday, 1 August 2015

I survived a Drops Pattern!

And finally a new blog post! The last one feels (and was) ages ago! Work, as always, has been seriously interfering with my crafting. Harumph... But, alas, an Anarchist has to work, no matter how desperately she (often) only wants to crochet...
And now, my great achievement: I followed a Drops pattern to the T and survived! In all fairness, the pattern IS pretty straightforward and easy, but Drops Design people are notoriously famous for their often-labyrinthic-and-criptic patterns. The Circles of Love, however, is easy and helpful, providing wonderful tips for the assembly process, with an end result that is lacy, light and quite stunning.
I had to use a different yarn, from a different brand, because it seems impossible to Fabel here in Portugal. So, I went on and dove right into my stash and found Ice Yarn's Baby Model, a nice self-striping yarn (1.5 skeins), and Ice Yarn's Super Baby, a solid and realible basic yarn, albeit a bit plasticky (2 skeins). Both are marked as being sports yarn, so I went ahead and used a 4.5mm hook. This meant the blanket came out bigger (Score! Just what I wanted!), big enough to fit Little A.'s bed! :)
In the end, I was actually quite relieved that I'd used acrylic yarn, instead of wool; had I used the latter, I would have had to apply some seriously ninja-like furious blocking skills, because the finished motifs and the blanket curl and twirl and seem unable to lay still.

So, my opinion on the pattern and the finished blanket? Every thumbs-up you can find! <3

E, finalmente, um novo post! O último parece que foi (e foi mesmo) há anos! O trabalho, como sempre, tem interferido de forma muito séria com o crochet. Arre... Mas, enfim, uma Anarquista também de trabalho, independentemente de desesperadamente querer (apenas e frequentemente) crochetar...
E agora, o meu grande feito: segui um modelo da Drops criteriosamente e sobrevivi! Na verdade, o modelo É simples e fácil, mas os indivíduos da Drops Design são sobejamente conhecidos pelos seus modelos muitas-vezes-labirínticos-e-crípticos. O Circles of Love, no entanto, é fácil e até útil, dando dicas fabulosas sobre a construção, com um resultado final que é leve, rendado e muito bonito. 
Tive de usar um fio diferente, de uma marca diferente, porque parece que é impossível encontrar Fabel aqui em Portugal. Portanto, mergulhei na minha stash e encontrei o Baby Model, um fio fixe com padrão (1,5 novelos) e o Super Baby, um fio básico, de uma cor e fiável, embora algo "com-um-toque-de-plástico". Os dois são da Ice Yarns, são fios sport e por isso usei uma agulha de 4.5mm. Isto significa que a manta se tornou maior (Fixe! Mesmo o que queria!), grande o suficiente para a cama da Little A. :)
No final, acabei por não me arrepender por ter usado acrílico, em vez de lã; se tivesse usado lã, teria de ter esticado a manta com super-poderes de ninja, já que os motivos e a manta torcem e encaracolam e parecem incapazes de ficar quietinhos.
Portanto, a minha opinião sobre o modelo e a manta? Todos os "fixes" que poderem encontrar! <3


  1. Congratulations!!!!! That blanket is lovely.

    I know that DROPS feeling. I've used a few of their patterns & for every single one I've had to change it! They're not patterns for beginners at all.

    I'm currently crocheting one of their blankets Like a Wildflower & one of their squares has a serious mistake making it a totally different size & shape to the other 3 squares which were fine. Luckily I know enough to correct the error but when I told them about it they just said blocking it would solve the problem. No, correcting the pattern solved it without blocking!

    1. Oh, the pattern ("Like a Wildflower") seems wonderful! This one - Circles of Love - was a surprise because I didn't have to change anything, so that was quite refreshing! :)

  2. It's lovely so pretty, I'm trying to make a cardigan with a drops pattern at the moment and I'm not convinced it's going to turn out well in fact I'm reluctant to continue with it I have a feeling it's going to turn out huge. :)

    1. It's really a shame, because they have beautiful pieces, but sometimes the patterns are just down-right misleading... Hope you manage to finish it! :)